WHMCS FastSpring Payment Gateway

If you need to use Fastspring payment with your billing software WHMCS.
Fastspring Signup free:
WHMCS software:

# WHMCS FastSpring Payment Gateway

## Summary

Payment Gateway modules allow you to integrate payment solutions with the WHMCS platform.

FastSpring Payment Gateway Works

  • Subscription Payment (monthly, semi annually, yearly )
  • One time payment

# FastSpring Payment Module for WHMCS

 Installation Steps

    First Setup WHMCS software. then go to Root directory 
    whmcs_root-> /modules/gateways/
    upload the php file: fastspring.php and fastspirng folder. 
    whmcs_root-> /modules/gateways/callback
    upload the php file: fastspring.php


Begin by activating the payment gateway under Setup > Payments > Payment Gateways and choose FastSpring from the Available Gateways tabs.

Here you need Fastspring api, popup storebuder url


# v1.0.2 ## 16 May 2022

- compatible latest version

# v1.0.2 ## 29 Jun 2021

- fix: subdomain issue
- fix: css issue

# v1.0.1  ## 20 February 2020

- added: subscription
- fix: css issue
  1. Hous Bout (verified owner)

    FastSpring Payment Gateway Module for WHMCS I am use our hosting server. we have seen a phenomenal change in customer satisfaction, at the moment subscription payment and one-time payment both working, thanks you themepiko developed FastSpring whmcs module.

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